About St. John’s

St. John’s distinctive liberal arts curriculum 长期以来,它在美国高校中享有很高的地位. 它对合作探究和原始文本研究的坚定承诺使bwin注册送58下载学院是一个充满活力的学习社区. Through close engagement with the works of some of the world’s greatest writers and thinkers—from Homer, Plato, and Euclid to Nietzsche, Einstein, and Woolf—undergraduate and graduate students at St. 约翰学院致力于解决我们作为人类所面临的基本问题. 因为他们参与了热烈的讨论,并投入到翻译活动中, writing, demonstrating, conducting experiments, and analyzing musical compositions, St. John’s students learn to speak articulately, read attentively, reason effectively, and think creatively.

The Academic Programs

All classes at St. 约翰学院规模小,学生对自己的教育积极负责, 在与他人的对话中提出问题并发展他们的想法. Faculty at St. John’s College share the college’s dedication to an education that privileges intellectual engagement over rigid expertise; they regard themselves as guides and mentors whose task is not to transmit information, 而是提出问题,进一步培养学生独立思考的能力. 每个学生的贡献都会受到认真的考虑,因为课堂会深入讨论哲学的基础著作, literature, history, theology, politics, economics, psychology, music, mathematics, and the laboratory sciences. (See more about the subjects studied at St. John’s College.)

By immersing themselves in these investigations, 通过与老师和同学的对话来检验自己的想法, and by exploring their insights in their own written work, 学生们获得了强大的技能,并培养了持久的批判性分析和思维习惯. 他们学会把自己和他人当作有理性、有感情的生物来认真对待, to work together as collaborators and colleagues, 过富有成效的独立思考和共同活动的生活. In addition to the undergraduate program, St. 约翰的学生可以获得文学硕士学位 Graduate Institute.

Location: Twice the Choice

St. 约翰大学有两个壮观的校园,一个在马里兰州的安纳波利斯,另一个在新墨西哥州的圣达菲. 在任何一个校区注册的学生都可以转到另一个校区,许多学生选择在另一个校区度过一年. 这两个校区都坐落在历史悠久的州首府:圣达菲拥抱新墨西哥州北部桑格雷德克里斯托山脉的斜坡, while Annapolis lies on the shores of College Creek, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. 这两个校区共享相同的跨学科学术课程, 同时提供广泛的机会和经验.

Dedicated, Accessible Faculty

St. 约翰学院的教职员工致力于教学,随时为学生服务. 所有班级都是小班(通常是13到19名学生),确保每个学生都有发言权. 虽然情况可能有所不同,但总体的师生比例是1:7. Paper conferences, informal study groups, the “Take a Tutor to Lunch” program, 各种各样的课外活动为学生提供了许多与教师互动的机会.

An Active Extracurricular Life

St. 约翰学院的学生在课堂之外参加各种各样的活动. The college has a lively theatrical tradition, 大量的音乐团体,从牧歌歌手到午餐时间的即兴演出, art and photography clubs, language study groups, and an energetic intramural sports program. In Annapolis, the sailing and rowing teams compete in a number of regattas each year; other intercollegiate offerings in Annapolis include the fencing team and the croquet club, which competes locally against the U.S. Naval Academy in the annual Annapolis Cup croquet match. In Santa Fe, 搜救队让学生发展他们的野外技能,并为该地区做出重要贡献.

In addition, 圣达菲的学生利用从大学校园开始的徒步小径, skiing in the Santa Fe Ski Basin and the Taos Ski Valley, camping in the nearby Santa Fe National Forest, and the many cultural attractions of the town of Santa Fe. Students in Annapolis explore the adjacent waters, enjoy life on the town’s lively waterfront, and visit the nearby cities of Baltimore and Washington, DC. 这两个校区还为学生提供了各种参与当地社区生活的机会.

A Diverse Student Body

St. 约翰大学通常吸引来自全美50个州和许多外国的学生. 他们为学院带来的不同背景和经验加深和丰富了他们共同的研究. (See profile of the freshman class.)

Academic Excellence and High Achievement

Statistics show that St. 约翰学院的学生在学校和毕业后都表现出色. Almost 70 percent of St. John’s graduates 追求更高的学位——许多人进入国家领先的人文学科, science, business, law, and medical programs. St. 约翰学院在全美获得人文学科博士学位的大学中排名前2%, 在科学或工程专业中名列前4%. (See more rankings.)

One of the many striking features of St. John’s College, however, is that there is no typical St. John’s graduate: St. John’s graduates pursue all manner of careers. They become authors, winemakers, musicians, filmmakers, teachers, astrophysicists—whatever they choose!

A Preparation for Life

As students work in and across disciplines, wrestling with philosophic, literary, musical, mathematical, and scientific texts, they acquire habits of mental flexibility and focus, 发展他们的智力和想象力,从而成为有效的问题解决者, leaders, thinkers, and communicators. St. 约翰学院的校友作为学习者和领导者遍布全球, as individuals passionate in their pursuit of truth.

St. John’s is a coeducational, liberal arts college with no religious affiliation.

  • 该学院成立于1696年,前身为威廉国王学校,1784年被特许为圣. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • A second campus opened in 1964 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • 该学院的第一个研究生项目于1967年在圣达菲成立.  

Degrees Granted


Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Liberal Arts, both campuses


Master of Arts (MA) in Liberal Arts, both campuses
Master of Arts (MA) in Eastern Classics, Santa Fe only

Accreditation and Licensure

St. 约翰学院没有提供专业执照的课程.

St. John’s College in Annapolis is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; St. John’s in Santa Fe is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Additional information about St. John’s, including student outcomes, may be found on the College Navigator profile for Annapolis and the College Navigator profile for Santa Fe.

To view St. 约翰学院的认证和国家批准文件:
Contact the president’s office on campus to make an appointment.

To file a complaint related to accreditation:
Submit a formal complaint to Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools or the Higher Learning Commission.

了解更多关于圣达菲校区投诉流程的信息, 这些程序在圣达菲学生手册的附录中有概述.

For those who have filed a complaint with St. 约翰大学使用了学生手册中规定的程序,但无法在机构层面解决投诉, they may submit a complaint to the appropriate St. John’s College state approval entity:

St. 约翰大学被评为40所“改变人生的大学”之一。

St. John’s College is proud to be included in Colleges That Change Lives这本书由洛伦·波普(Loren Pope)撰写,于1996年首次出版. 这份名单上的40所学校以独特的bwin注册送58下载机构为特色,为传统的大学教育提供了另一种选择.